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Bad weather policies

If the weather is bad for whatever reason - due to cold or snow, below are the policies: 


Example of wind-chill policy (effective 1/3/2014)

Due to the potential continuation of dangerous wind chills as well as subzero temperatures that have been forecasted for Monday and Tuesday (1/6 and 1/7/2014), I will be closing the office on Tuesday 1/7/2014. I would rather have everyone safe at home and not venturing out when the wind chills and weather is supposed to be dangerously cold. All appointments for 1/7/2014 have been cancelled. If scheduled for Tuesday, please check your email for important information in regards for rescheduling.

I apologize for the lateness of the post announcement and I do not close the office unless absolutely necessary and due to the potential of dangerously cold weather - I'd rather have everyone safe. 


Example of Snow related policy (effective 12/14/2013):

As I live less than 5 minutes from the office - the office will 99.9% be always be open unless due to some extremely extenuating circumstance where I would have to close the office. 

For tomorrow: 

***Due to the potential of snow tomorrow (12/14) and possible hazardous driving conditions and if coming from a distance, please don't hesitate to cancel your appointment on 12/14/2013. I'd prefer you to be safe and not to be driving if the roads are hazardous. Your groupons will be honored. Please don't hesistate to call, email, or text ASAP if you will not be able to make it - and I will also do my very best to get you back on the schedule and/or on the cancellation list. ****

Pleas keep an eye on the weather tomorrow and if you feel that the conditions are too hazardous to drive, I would rather have you be safe and not risk coming in. All I ask is to just email/text/call so I know that you will/would need to cancel and we can get the arrangements made for rescheduling/etc. 


Any weather related policies will be updated here on the website as well as the facebook page. 


Thanks - Amanda@Phoenixrising 

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