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So I'm a brand new client, what can I expect at my first massage

So you're a first time client and am not sure what to expect. Here's approximately how your hour will go in a total of Ten steps - even before you even walk through the front door!

First - after getting your appointment scheduled, you'll receive a reminder email from me on the Friday (usually the day before your session) which will include very detailed directions on how to find the office. I decided to send out the emails with directions when I first started as a massage therapist as first time clients, who weren't familiar with the area, were having a hard time with finding the office location.

Also in the email, there will be directions on how to print the client intake form, usually found on the business website. However, if you're unable to or forget to print the intake form off, don't worry as I always have copies with me.

Second - Once you reach the office, I will usually be waiting in reception to greet you personally and lead you back office.

Third - Once we get into the massage room, at this time I will either take your paperwork (if it has been filled out before hand) or I'll hand you a clipboard with the intake form for you to fill out the day of the massage.

Fourth - Once you're finished with the intake form, I will usually take about 5-7 minutes tops to input your intake form into my computer system as well as to review it. If you are interested in setting up future sessions, please let me know as while I enter your information into my computer system, you can review the clipboard where I keep my schedule of open dates and pick any dates/times that will work for you. Once you've indicated which dates/times you would like, I will go ahead and get the dates into the scheduler as well as writing out an appointment card as well.

Fifth - After the intake form is completed, I will take a few minutes to explain what will happen during the session, answering any questions you may have.

Sixth - I will then step out of the room, usually hitting the overhead light off, and close the door. While you are getting settled, I will be washing my hands and giving you that time to settle in private.

Seventh - After a few minutes, I will then knock upon the door and ask "(your name) it's Amanda. Are you all set? May I come in?" Once I get an affirmative answer from you (please be sure to speak up as the door is fairly thick and it can sometimes also be nosy outside the door), I'll enter the room and shut the door. I will ask if you are comfortable as well as also placing a pillow underneath your feet as well as making sure the table heater is on (if you've requested both). Then your massage will begin.

Eighth - With the massage, you will generally begin on your stomach and end on your back. As a first time client, once the oil is on your back, I will do two different passes up your back - one with my forearm and one with my elbow. This will help me determine the type of pressure that feels the best for you while at the same time letting you as the client get used to my pressure.

Ninth - Depending on the type of massage that you have requested, I usually try and keep you on your stomach for approximately 30-40 minutes. When it is time to turn onto your back, I will take the pillow out from underneath your feet and have you scoot down (generally about a full arm length) from the headrest before turning onto your back. This will ensure that you will end with your head on the table and not in the headrest. Once you are settled, I will put the pillow back underneath your knees and we will continue. I will work left arm/hand, left leg, left foot, right leg, right foot, right hand/arm and then finish with your neck and scalp (if requested).

Tenth - Once our time is up, I will wake you up with a quiet "(your name) - we're finished. how are you feeling?" I will also take the pillow out from underneath your feet and knees so that is one less thing that you will worry about. I will also explain what will happen as we're finished. That I will step out from the room, letting you get dressed. If I will also let you know that you are free to use a towel from the bookcase (2nd shelf) or if there are towels on the massage side table - if you would like to wipe out any excess oil from the massage. Once you are all set, you can open the door and I will be waiting for you with a glass of water. At this time, I will answer any questions you may have, we can always take care of payment (if we have not done so at the beginning) and I will then walk you back out to reception and wish you a great day.


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