Phoenix Rising Massage Therapy LLC

Photos of the office



Street Signs

The Thiensville Professional Park main sign as well as the little Phoenix Rising Massage Therapy LLC sign. This view is from the Road (Green Bay Road). This will be one of your landmarks when coming to the office for the first time.





The view of the main building (216 N. Green Bay Road) apart of the Thiensville Professional Park looking South along the pathway to the front doorway.



The front door to 216 N. Green Bay Road


 After entering the main doorway (from Green Bay Road), you'll come to this first hallway. You will want to go through the first door (the swinging glass door)



After stepping through the first swinging glass door after entering the building, you'll come upon the doors for suites 101 and 103. Phoenix Rising Massage Therapy LLC is *technically* in Suite 101 but in order to get to Suite 101, the main entrance is through Suite 103. I do share space with a nurse practitioner.


The Room View of the office in Suite 101




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